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After Your Download, Install Teamviewer onto your computer using Basic, Personal Use Settings. Once the installation is finished open Teamviewer until you see a Window like below:

Next Contact us using the form below, Leaving Your Name, ID & Password.

Image result for teamviewer window


Once submitted please Chat with us live or give us a Call so that we can guide you through our process.


Why do we need Teamviewer?
Simple to create a bridge between you and us, allowing easy access for major issues.

Is Teamviewer Safe?
Extremely! Its security protocol is encrypted with 256 SSL encryption and monitored 24/7 by their Security Team for breaches.

Can anyone login at anytime?
Absolutely NOT. Teamviewer password changes upon every ended session. An Ended session is one that does not continue after support was given.

Can I uninstall Teamviewer after my support?
Of course, you can. Simply head over to Program and Features then browse through the list for Teamviewer. Thereafter click on Uninstall and follow through the process. Lastly, reboot your computer!

Is this Support Free?
For now, there are no hidden fees, or cost attached to our support. However, all donations are highly appreciated and go towards keeping our servers up and staff fed. You can make donations Here.

Can we ever login without your permission?
Heck no, we won’t even attempt! Once you’re not on a call with us or chatting with tech support we would not, will not, initiate remote support.

Can someone log into my computer without me knowing?
NO, Once someone logs into your computer you’ll see a small window to the bottom right of your screen showing the connected technician name and session id.

Is my privacy safe?
With us, your data, identity and gamer tag is 100% safe. We never spam or share any data for 3rd party use.

I submitted my ID & Password, What now?
As we all know our service is free. A Technician is on standby to handle each request as soon as possible. In some cases, it can take up to 1 hour for him to be of AID.

Ricky JaganRemote Support