Peachtree Accounting Premium

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Run your business more efficiently with a time-saving in-depth solution to manage your accounting, invoicing, cash flow, inventory, taxes, and so much more. Sage 50c seamlessly combines the power and productivity of a trusted desktop solution with secure online access.

Sage 50c seamlessly combines the power and productivity of a trusted desktop solution with secure online access.

Product Description

Sage 50 makes it simpler to run your business.

  • Speed up your cash flow and reduce costs.
  • Ensure your business financials are accurate, reliable, and easy to understand.
  • Minimize the amount of time spent on accounting so you can focus on growing your business.
  • File your business taxes with confidence.

Sage 50, the new era of Peachtree Accounting

With a new name and a renewed commitment to your business, Sage 50 delivers the tools you need to accomplish your business goals:

  • Streamlined solutions that you can customize to your needs
  • Products that help your business grow—and that grow with your business
  • Extraordinary customer service and support

New and Improved Features

Transaction History

  • Easily and quickly view all history related to a particular customer or vendor transaction throughout the entire chain of events at any point in the sales or purchase process.
  • View forward from a purchase order to a payment or backwards from a receipt to a quote.
  • Save time getting to the information you need to take action!

Business Analytics*

  • See how your company is performing compared to other companies in your industry or geographic region with the new customizable company dashboard!
  • Get instant access to view up-to date key financial trends in order to compare items such as Total Revenue, Gross Margin %, Days Sales Outstanding, and much more.
  • Use this tool to help improve your business’ financial health and make critical decisions.

* Internet access required for activation*

Multiple Contacts*

  • Store a virtually unlimited number of contacts for every customer in Peachtree!
  • The new “Contacts” tab in the Customers screen allows you to keep track of many specific details you need to maintain your relationships for each of your customers.
  • Track more details like contacts’ titles, phone numbers, e-mail address, and specify the ship-to addresses.
  • A new Notes field allows you to track unique information about each contact, like shipping instructions.

*There is a maximum of 20 ship to addresses and 1 billing address per customer. Only 2 contacts per customer can be synced with Outlook.

Automatic Backup

  • No more hassles or worries about safeguarding data in Peachtree. Automate your backup process for any time that is convenient for you and your company!
  • With Peachtree Automatic Backup, set up your schedule once, and the rest is taken care of for you. Peachtree doesn’t even have to be running to make the scheduled backup.
  • Notify users to log out, or automatically log them off in order to run your backup (Peachtree Quantum only).

Password Security

  • Secure your company’s data from unauthorized access with increased password security options.
  • Strengthen your password security with new customizable options such as automatic password expiration, multiple incorrect password attempts lockout, no repeat passwords, and masking passwords from other users in Peachtree.
  • Maintenance is easier giving users the ability to change their own passwords without relying on the admin, and requiring strong password compliance.

In-Product Advisor

  • Learn the best way to work within Peachtree by leveraging our in-product user tips. These tips will help you discover functions or features that will assist you in learning other areas of the product quicker.
  • The Advisor will assist you in pointing out better ways to accomplish common tasks in the program, in areas such as Sales/Invoicing, Inventory, Vendors, Receipts and General Journal Entries.
  • Set your experience with Peachtree to maximize the effectiveness of assistance you might require, and set the length of time that each message will be displayed.


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